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Top 3 Misconceptions of Feminism

Top 3 Misconceptions of Feminism

One of my favorite things about feminism is that you literally only have to say the word and BOOM, men will literally prove your point for you. And while many have their own opinions on the theory, there are three common mistaken beliefs.

Feminists are man-haters

This was a misconstruction created by men who feel threatened by feminism because they either don’t understand it or don’t like that they have to modify their crappy behavior. But then again, I don’t understand why a movement that is for WOMEN is so misunderstood to the point where it’s STILL about men. A wise person once said, “don’t allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men.”

Feminists shouldn’t wear clothing that's “revealing”

Whatever a woman wears or does not wear is truly none of your business. Policing what women wear simply substantiates the idea of male entitlement over a woman’s body. 

Many of the ideals we currently have originated from the Eurocentric views on female propriety, including the concept of “female modesty.” Meaning OUR own ancestors were poppin’ a different set of tags, so forget the rules, if YOU like it, wear it. And also, for those who use the factor of “revealing clothing” as an excuse for rape lets us know that you have issues and makes men out to be like idiotic animals who have no self-control over their actions.

Feminists are sluts

Shaming women because they have sex or work in the sex industry is not part of feminism. This movement is about not shaming or judging other women for making their own choices, even if they aren’t the choices you would make personally. The virgin/slut dichotomy is a system to women on men’s fingertips and control their sexuality. Take control of YOUR prerogative. 

Feminism is like a spectrum. There are two extremes and a middle balance. There are feminists who are against sex and taking hold of one’s sexuality to only embrace their intellectuality, while there are others who embrace their sexuality and the art of sexual pleasure, willingly disregarding their intellectual strength. And then you have feminists who balance their sexuality as much as their intellectuality equally. Having sex and fighting the white patriarchy are not mutually exclusive.

My feminism (more so, womanism, but that's a different post) is intersectional and consists of two simple statutes: doing whatever MY heart desires, and supporting other women. As women, we know that every single person on the planet feels entitled to have an opinion about women’s lives. But that’s an impossible notion because there is no way that we can please EVERY single individual palate. You can’t be enough of one thing without being too much for another. We are INDIVIDUALS and decide solely over where our place is in life. Therefore it is important for women to empower other women, in order for our voice to become louder and stronger. Don’t ever let them silence you. 

Do not omit pieces of yourself to make others comfortable. Women are supposed to be respected simply because we are HUMAN, not because we ought to “demand respect” by “respecting ourselves.” We respect ourselves by following through with our prerogative. Every woman is an individual and requires her own space and freedom in order to reflect her individuality into the universe, thus allowing her to become individually whole without placing her value in the comfort zone of others. Everyone’s feminism is subjective to their OWN lives. 

You Can Do WHATEVER You Want

You Can Do WHATEVER You Want